It's not good for anyone to be alone. 

Our world is designed with millions of people each bearing different gifts. Individualism is a farce; we were not designed to exist in any way except within community. There are so many different people in the world, from the pragmatic, logical, systematic people to the artistic, intuitive, expressive people, and all are integral to our success. Each person comes to the table with different gifts, and so do you. Listen and share. Receive teaching, encouragement, humor, thoughtfulness, and deep knowledge – cover the whole gamut, and share what you have with others. 

A good meal is a great place to do this. 

A good meal makes people happy, it fosters conversation, it reveals the care we have for one another as we bring the things we buy and make to the table. 

It's here that we can have relaxed conversations and thoughtful responses. It's here we can bring up questions about God in an atmosphere that's not pressured. We can hear other perspectives and share our own, and glean from one another's experiences. 

It's no wonder that the Lord Jesus made a meal, of bread and wine, the remembrance of him throughout history. It is in eating together that our deepest relationships are built. So call a friend, grab a coworker, chase down a relative, and eat good things with great people.