There are so many things we look for every day, even frantically like our lives depend on it. It’s not so different to seek God.



Two minutes before I had to leave I reached for my keys, but they weren’t there. “Wait! Where did I leave them?” I checked the drawer, the hook, the dresser. “Shoot! They’re not in any of the usual places!” Checking the drawer again yielded nothing. Maybe they’re in my bag, I thought, dumping everything out this time. “It’s time to leave!” Feeling a little frantic now, I checked under things, in the pockets of dirty laundry, and behind the couch. “Ugh! I should have left five minutes ago!”

Texting everyone to let them know I’d be late, my stomach dropped. My mind traced back to the last time I had them. No luck on the second trip to the car, but out of the corner of my eye I noticed the outdoor table. “That’s right! I came in the back last night.” My eyes scanned the yard and memories flooded back into my head. The dog had been so excited to see me, and distracted by his enthusiasm, I set down my keys on the outdoor table and forgot all about them. Hallelujah! There they were. I could still make it if I hurried.


When we’re looking for something important, we look everywhere, like our life depends on it.



How to Find God

We are invited to look for God, at the same time that he’s pursuing a relationship with us. Not only are we invited, but we’re rewarded richly for doing so. When we look everywhere for God and an understanding of his world, the kingdom of heaven, we find something that is so valuable, we would give up everything else in our lives just to keep it. In fact, what we give up is the brokenness in our lives, and what we grasp onto is wholeness, deep peace, and satisfaction.

So what does it mean to look everywhere? As you get up and get ready for work, as you’re eating your breakfast and facing the day, look around for God. As you drive through rush hour traffic or watch your shows, wonder and wait for God’s presence. If a conversation takes a surprising turn or an interesting book or article crosses your path, participate expectantly. Follow happenstance, asking God along the way, “What are you showing me?”

But from there you will seek the Lord your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.
— Moses, regarding the constant welcome of god. Deut. 4:29