We Believe in a Living God


Everyone has their own story. Our story has brought us to a belief and reliance upon a Living God, the Creator of our Universe, and our Maker.

We believe that Christ is the Word of God, through whom the world was made. He moved into the neighborhood, walking among us as the incarnate Son of God and Son of Man. We believe that he lived a life revealing the heart of God, and that in his death and resurrection, he paid the price for our brokenness and sin, and paved the way to new life – both here on earth as well as the hope of eternal life to come.

We believe that he lives today, and reveals the truths of God to us through his Holy Spirit, that he communicates with our hearts and has the love and care to do so. With the acceptance of his Word, both his Revealed Word in the Bible and the Living Word revealed to our hearts, we can enter into freedom and rest, discarding our brokenness and entering into new life.

We invite you to join us in this adventure, and enter into the relationship, trust, and freedom that comes from faith in Christ. If this faith is yours, we invite you to join us, in sharing this good news with the world!