Who is God? Does God exist? There is only one way to know the answer.

A war has been waged on a million sides of this debate, as people portray their point of view. These arguments are often futile because ultimately, there is only one way to know who God is, and that is, to meet God. 

A Quiet House - A short story

A Quiet House.jpg

Jessica sat at her desk. The whole house was refreshingly quiet and she expected nobody home for hours. So the “thump” startled her. She couldn’t tell if it was coming from outside, just above her, or from the kitchen.  A quick peek through the blinds revealed nothing. She stepped over the dog and went to investigate. Had her husband come home for lunch? He usually called first. “Hello?!” She called into the seemingly empty house. She looked at the back door, the front door, and did a quick sweep of the upstairs. “Is anybody here?” The cat looked up warily from his cozy slumber in the jumble of blankets on an unmade bed. Was she hearing things? Stepping back into her office she found the dog still lying lazily on the floor. “I’m an idiot,” she thought to herself, “If anyone were here the dog would be going ballistic.”

Was Jessica crazy to think someone was there? She felt crazy for a minute. Maybe no one was there, maybe the noise was some sort of fluke. She had done a quick sweep of the house to settle her unease, and went back to her desk resuming her work. It’s natural to test the waters. Calling out into an empty room is a reasonable response if you feel like someone might be there. Investigating your environment is the only way to find out the truth.

The Universe We Live In

The universe is a great big house, and though you’ve heard the surety of those who profess to know God, you may not be sure who’s right. There are things that appear wondrous in the world, miraculous even. Life and love explode our conception of science. But there’s plenty of evidence that the place seems abandoned, and that religious views are totally wrong. Like, what of hatred? Wars and injustice? Let’s not forget natural disasters. Evidence points a thousand directions and answers nothing. We can argue and reason forever, and still come up dry, lacking evidence against the existence of God or for any one identity.

Change the Question

Instead of asking “Who is God? Does God exist,” try “Are you there? Who are you, God?”

There really is only one way to know if there’s anyone there. It’s to look everywhere, check around corners, and call out into the great house of the universe and ask, “Who’s there? Is there anybody out there?”

Ask everywhere, now and for a lifetime. Ask while you watch a movie or talk to a friend. Ask in the midst of difficulty, or while breathtaken by beauty. When you go in or out, in what you read and what you see, seek answers and beg the question, “God, who are you in this?”

Investigate in your own way, and seek the answer. Aside from all the conflicting evidence, the only way to know if there is a God is to meet God.

How will you know if God is there?

Sometimes one of Jessica’s best friends would pop in, between home visit rotations. Jessica doesn’t need proof that her friend exists. There she stands in front of her, a welcome sight, a brief interlude of company to break up a quiet work day. The existence of those around us comes without question. Whether it’s someone at the grocery store or someone we know well, it’s not their existence that comes into question, it’s how much we know them. The same is true for meeting God. Meeting God is the only way to know who God is.

Thus says the Lord who made the earth, the Lord who formed it to establish it—the Lord is his name: Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.
— -Jeremiah 33:2-3