A testimony is the statement of a witness, which is submitted as evidence of an event. The Bible contains a millennia of accounts of people testifying about their interactions with God.


Seeking God Through the Bible

The idea of seeking an unseen God blazes through our souls like a crossfire. It’s clear that there exists something unseen, but how could anyone make sense out of anything? Ghosts, aliens, angels, spirits, gods, and mythology all cross our paths, and what we hear ranges from believable to preposterous. If we were left on our own, it would indeed be baffling. But people have claimed throughout history that God revealed himself to them. It stands to reason that a true God would be able to be known from the beginning of time to the end of time, regardless of age, class, intellect, or human advancement. A true God would be accessible to both modern man and early peoples, and that accessibility might come, not from us but from God.

Some claims of knowing God have stood the test of time, and many are recorded in the Bible. The Bible is a collection, or small library, of 66 books written over a 1500 year plus period by 39 or more authors. One of the writers of the Bible claims that though it was penned by the hands of people, it originated from the Spirit of the one and only God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

Read this valuable perspective and take time to read the testimonies which  offer dramatic insight into complexity of life. At the very least it’s a fascinating read into a book that has withstood more than a millennium. At the most, it holds foundational insight into the meaning of life.


How to Read the Bible

The short answer? Just start :) 

The Bible is so accessible, it’s easy to dive in, even right now.

The life of Jesus is a great place to start. The life of this one man has resonated throughout history like a sonic boom, and is accounted for in the four books MatthewMarkLuke and John. The remainder of the books of the New Testament are accounts and letters between church leaders as the early church grew, and are great resources for reflecting on the history of the church over time as well as considering our own current church.

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The creation story starts in Genesis, and from there the Bible moves into an account of early history. To find out more about how the Bible is organized, watch the video below.

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