I will worship you all of my days. 


At its core, worship considers the things we know about God and speaks them into our physical world. 

We speak of his character, and of the things he has done, we speak truth into the world, cementing it in our hearts and strengthening our world. 

When we do this, it pleases God and it changes us.  


Four Great Places to Worship

Right here, right now. Turn on the radio, search for songs on YouTube, or just sing your heart out in your living room. If you're at the office though, you might want to keep it down. 

With friends Do you have friends who love to worship? Some of the most precious worship experiences can happen in a small group. As we join in prayer or musical expression we look around, knowing the challenges and perspectives of those around us, and the words come alive in a beautiful new way. 

With a church Collectively joining voices in praise with others blesses God, and encourages us. To look around and realize that all of the people in the room, in good conscious, believe the words that are being sung is an encouragement to our faith and ushers the heavenliness into the physical world.  

At a greater event There is a tremendous body of believers who all share a common belief. Regardless of Christian denomination, we hold a unity of faith. We all believe in a Creator God whose intentions for us are good. We all believe in the goodness and salvation of Christ, and we hold to the eternal glory of the resurrection. Joining larger events can be a tremendous faith booster, and won't it be exciting as more are added to that number! 


Actively seek places and situations of worship! join one, join many.