Destined for Glory

The potential for humanity was written in the foundations of creation. Our framework, designed spiritually, emotionally, and physically, was wired for success on multiple levels. And yet we were given a choice, to trust or reject these purposes. In the long story of history, God has walked with us as our choices have alternately built and destroyed people, families, and civilizations. What will you choose as you go forward? Explore your original destiny and consider where your choices lie. 


Camaraderie with Your Creator

We were designed to walk with God, not in brokenness, but in paradise


Sickness and Death Were Not in the Picture

Experience Restorative Health on Multiple Levels


You are Gifted

Created in the Image of a Creative Being, Work is in our DNA
You were created to find deep satisfaction in your work.



Heal Your Broken Heart


Romance is a mystery and holds the highest potential for intimacy. It is not
good to be alone. You were designed to experience the best that love has to offer. 


Community Complexity

One body, many parts – each of us plays an integral role in our family and our community. 



Where to Start When Life is Broken

Estrangement from God, sickness and death, loss of work, family, or community, or a broken heart.
When these things are broken, it is here that we experience our deepest hardship. 
But there is a route to wholeness. 

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
— Jesus Christ (John 10:10)