We were designed to live rich and full lives, indulgent in a full spectrum of activity. 

It is through experiencing this entire spectrum that we find our deepest satisfaction. It's a lot to think about though, and sometimes when we discover pleasure in one or two things, we derail from the richness that life has to offer into an obsession with one pleasure. We look to those things for our satisfaction and fulfillment. Whether the things are food, work, alcohol, sex, entertainment, or anything else, what we find is that the more we dig into just one or two, the less satisfying they become, and the deeper we need to dig to find satisfaction. The reason for this dwindle in satisfaction is because we were never meant to be supported with just one or two aspects, but a whole range of activities. 

Take Inventory

Grab some coffee, have a seat, and take a look at this list. Look to the Holy Spirit of God for guidance and consider your weekly routine. What are you majoring on? Is it detrimental or beneficial? Which items are missing? Explore ways to add in missing elements, and allow new activities and fresh investments to grow in enrichment of your life.   

Seek God and discover improvement in your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health


Best Practices


Connect with the Revealed Word of God 

Gathering in Search of God